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Ascend has formalized our policy to not change Level I Decisions. Click here for more information.

Over the last year, the PASRR Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) reviewed and provided feedback to each state on their PASRR Level I Screening Tool. In response to PTAC's findings, Ascend has worked with state officials to make small enhancements to strengthen the clinical screening components of your state's Level I Tool. We will be rolling out this enhanced Level I Tool in the coming weeks.

WHAT WON'T CHANGE: Provider workflow will not change.

WHAT WILL CHANGE: The newly enhanced Level I Tool will begin asking Providers to report on substance-related disorders, along with current or past symptoms and behaviors. In addition, you'll be asked to estimate when the most recent symptoms and behaviors, treatment history, and substance abuse occured.

The PASRR and Level of Care training slides from the June 2012 onsite training are now available in the Educational Information section below.

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  • Please double check for accuracy of Social Security Numbers. Inaccuracies impact Nursing Facility payment. If an individual does not have a SSN, please call Ascend at ext. 3388 for assistance.
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