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Register Now: Iowa Technical Assistance Webinars

The Iowa Department of Human Services (DHS) and Ascend are providing two technical assistance (TA) webinars for ongoing provider education during the month of June. These important sessions will help your facility comply with the latest Iowa PASRR updates. The events provided this month include:

Level I PASRR Overview - if you are new to PASRR or have questions about submitting Level I screens, this webinar is for you.
Level II PASRR Overview - if you are new to PASRR, or have questions about the Level II process, determinations, or summary of findings reports this webinar is for you.
Upcoming dates and registration links are available below:

Level I PASRR Overview: Tuesday 2-3pm 06/13/17
Level II PASRR Overview: Tuesday 2-3pm 06/27/17

Register Now: Iowa PASRR Technical Assistance Webinars

The Iowa Department of Human Services (DHS) and Ascend are providing two technical assistance (TA) webinars for ongoing provider education during the month of May. These important sessions will help your facility comply with the latest Iowa PASRR updates. The events provided this month include:

  • Frequently Asked Questions from the April 2017 Onsite Training - An informative recap of PASRR basics and common questions.
  • PASRR Overview and History - If you are new to PASRR, this webinar will provide you with an overview of PASRR and its history.

    Upcoming dates and registration links are available below. Click the links to register:

    Frequently Asked Questions from the April 2017 Onsite Training -
    Tuesday 2-3pm 05/16/17

    PASRR Overview and History - Tuesday 2-3pm 05/30/17

Important Announcement: Ascend Email Set to Transition to Over to MAXIMUS

Email Transition 101 - A Primer on What to Expect During the Switch

We are excited to announce that Ascend will take an important step in the coming weeks, kicking off a transition from our current email addresses to email accounts. This change is scheduled to occur on June 5th.

How Will the Transition Affect Me?
Getting up to speed. There's a few things that you will need update to complete the setup process. Here are three simple steps to get you moving:

1. Create New Account
Starting June 5th, we will have a new secure email solution. You will need to create a new account once you receive a secure email from us.

2. Whitelist MAXIMUS Domain
You will need to add any "" accounts to the Safe Senders List, also called Whitelisting.

- Large entities, please inform your IT administrator.
- Small entities, click here for clear setup instructions.

3. Use New Email Addresses
Begin using the new accounts for each of your Ascend contacts in order to send/receive secure messages and schedule meetings. The email addresses will still receive emails, but those will be forwarded to the addresses.

Thank You for Making Iowa PASRR Provider Training a Success!

We would like to extend a huge note of thanks to all of the attendees for Ascend's recent Iowa PASRR Provider Training Sessions, held throughout the week of April 3rd. Over 300 Providers joined us from diverse backgrounds of expertise, such as Hospitals, Nursing Facilities, Hospice Providers, and MCO Community Based Case Managers. These events were held in multiple cities across the state, including: Des Moines, Denison, Waterloo and West Branch.

We truly appreciate the passion, focus and invaluable input that you contributed to these important sessions. For those unable to attend an event held in your area, or if you're interested in referencing some of the useful information provided, we invite you to click and explore: Building Knowledge, Improving Lives

This resource, located in Provider Tools, as well as numerous other reference materials are available on your go-to source for all things PASRR: Iowa page on

Topic Change for the 3/28/17 Technical Assistance Webinar

ATTENTION: The topic for the Tuesday, 3/28/17 technical assistance webinar has changed. The new topic is: Planning for Community Discharge and Resources Available.

If you are registered for the 3/28/17 session and would like to cancel, email a reply to the confirmation message you received upon sign-up.

If you are registered and plan to attend the revised session, you can simply disregard this message.

Click the registration link below to participate, if you have not already registered.

Tue, March 28 | 2 - 3 PM | REVISED TOPIC: Planning for Community Discharge and Resources Available | Click here to register

Building Knowledge, Improving Lives

Join us as at one of the Free training events offered by Ascend, a MAXIMUS Company, and the Iowa Department of Human Services. We'll review what we've accomplished in the evolution of Iowa's PASRR program and look forward to where we will go together. You will receive valuable information regarding the Preadmission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) process, ServiceMatters, Care Planning, and more!

The upcoming trainings include the opportunity to earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs)/Contact Hours and will cover:
  • A quick review of the PASRR basics - great information for those new to working with PASRR and a refresher for our seasoned PASRR providers
  • A discussion of how PASRR integrates with the new CMS guidelines for nursing facilities
  • Using the newly revised functions of PathTracker Plus - what it is and why you must use it
  • ServiceMatters - what it is, why it matters, and how we're doing so far
  • PASRR-compliant Care Planning - everything you need to know about planning for delivery of PASRR-identified services
  • Community Placement Supports and discharge planning - how to use available resources
  • Delivery of behavioral health services to individuals with significant needs
  • Behaviorally based treatment plans
  • Questions and answers about PASRR in Iowa

Who Should Attend:
  • PASRR Providers
  • Nurses
  • Social Workers
  • Nursing Facility Administrators
  • Hospital Social Workers and Discharge Planners
  • Case Managers
  • Long-Term Care & RCF Providers
  • Behavioral health services providers
  • Anyone invested in the future of older Iowans, individuals with disabilities, and their long term care needs

Click the link below to register for a session near you
Tuesday, April 4: City of Denison Boulders Conference Center - Boulders Hall

Wednesday, April 5: Des Moinestab Hy-Vee Euclid Room

Thursday, April 6: Waterloo Sullivan Brothers Iowa Veterans Museum - Mess Hall

Friday, April 7: West Branch Hoover Presidential Library and Museum - Auditorium

Location addresses and information provided in the registration link.

Click here to view the agenda

Training Presenters
Lila Starr, LBSW| Iowa Department of Human Services, Division of Mental Health & Disability Services
Joi Shaw, MS | Ascend, a MAXIMUS Company, PASRR Division Manager
Alice Bernet, RN, PhD, PMHNP-BC | Ascend, a MAXIMUS Company, Clinical Director

No charge for attendance or CEUs!
IBON Provider #94
0.63 CEUs.
Nurses must attend the full day to receive CEUs. No partial CEUs will be awarded.

The Iowa Geriatric Education Center, based at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine, is sponsoring the 2017 Geriatric Lecture Series. This educational opportunity will focus on cognitive decline and dementia. CEUs are available for participation in this online lecture series at NO COST to participants.Individuals wishing to participate may pull up these lectures at their convenience each month, beginning in March through December 2017.

A new lecture is available the 1st working day of each month at:

The schedule is also available online at:

For more information, including presenters and subjects of each monthly lecture, please review the online schedule referenced above, or open the flyer, which can be found in the Education Tools section of the Iowa PASRR Provider website.

We hope that Iowa's healthcare professionals will be able to utilize this important series, which has been made available for free throughout 2017 to federal grant funding.


Click here to view instructions for reporting DSM-5 diagnoses to Ascend.

 PASRR Tip of the Month
  • When completing the Service Monitoring assessment on the Service Matters page, it is important to note that the question worded "On the most recent MDS, what is the response to Section Q. item 0500 for this resident?" is asking for the individual's response to Q500. If the most recent MDS does not have an answer, do not mark it as unknown or uncertain. Go back to the most recent MDS in which the individual or their representative gave a response. If this question is marked unknown or uncertain, a discharge planning care plan with community services is required.
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